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Fan Ya Tai's 'Above Average' Special Servicer Ranking Affirmed

On Nov. 7, 2008, Standard & Poor's Ratings Services affirmed the 'Above Average' Special Servicer Evaluation Ranking on Fan Ya Tai Asset Management Co. (International) Ltd.

Standard & Poor's credit analyst Jerry Fang said that the ranking on Fan Ya Tai reflects the experience of its senior management and asset management teams, and their sound understanding of the markets and legal systems in their servicing region. "Analytical rigor is applied in initial evaluations and in the ongoing management of complex nonperforming loans, real estate assets, and equity workouts," Mr. Fang said. "The management of Fan Ya Tai has a demonstrated capacity to administer a range of assets and receivables. They also have an integrated and tailored special servicing system that can report in both Chinese and English."

Source: Standard and Poor's. Click here to download the S&P report.

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