Fan Ya Tai Asset Management Company (International) Limited ("FYT"), is a PRC based commercial mortgage, commercial finance and residential mortgage special servicer. Majority shareholders are D.B.Zwirn-managed funds.

FYT's core business is to provide non-performing loan management and recovery service to third party NPL owners in the PRC, and it is the first Standard and Poor’s rated special servicer in the Greater China region.  In addition, FYT provides primary servicing, distressed real estate services, and financial related service to investors.

Fan Ya Tai is built upon the 3-year track record of Guangdong Assets Management Limited, which has recovered over HK$ 3 billion from distressed assets since 2001.

  Fan Ya Tai's 'Above Average' Special Servicer Ranking Affirmed27/6/2013
  Fan Ya Tai's 'Above Average' Special Servicer Ranking Affirmed10/11/2008
  Case Study 1: How to realize the mortgage right with a broken evidence chain13/8/2008
  Case Study 2: Prevent the borrower from escaping the debt through liquidation13/8/2008
  Case Study 3: Discover the borrower’s hidden assets for recovery13/8/2008
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